Video marketing trends: 5 Key First Steps for Creating the Perfect Video

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Video marketing is not new, and yet it keeps on being listed as one of the hottest digital marketing trends year after year.

With 83% of businesses believing that video marketing gives them a good ROI, this doesn’t come exactly as a surprise. But as many companies jump on the video-making wagon, we spoke with Charlotte O’Farrell from Clean Cut Media as she shares the one key factor that marketeers should keep in mind when working with an agency on their next video: the brief!

“Every day, video production companies receive briefs from a rich variety of organisations. All too often these briefs aren’t as good as they could be. Inevitably, this can lead to responses that aren’t as good as they should be. Whether enquiries come from small, medium or large organisations, from financial, statutory, musical or sports sectors, something connects them all: a focused, well-articulated brief for their chosen video production company is a critical first step in their unique project.

We all sometimes look to the internet for a quick solution to a plethora of questions. But, in this instance, neither Google nor Bing will help you. There is no blueprint for your video brief. Frustrating to hear? Think about it for a moment. Your organisation is unique and so is the subject and purpose of your video. As the driver of this project, endeavour to have confidence in your own experience and professional integrity. Tune into the project, be authentic and follow these 5 steps.

1. Identify who will watch your video
Defining your audience will underpin the essence of your creation but surprisingly, it’s fairly common for people to have not defined this fully when they embark on a video project. You wouldn’t send a text without thinking about who was going to read it – so don’t skip this important step.

2. Don’t keep your budget a secret
If you make no mention of the ballpark figure that you have in mind, you are potentially doing your project and the suppliers a disservice. Not revealing your budget can result in unrealistic and unaffordable proposals landing on your desk or conversely – proposals that aren’t ambitious enough. When this happens, you will have missed the opportunity to gather the most meaningful proposals because production companies are forced to guess your budget.

3. Keep your colleagues in the loop
Be sure that you have spoken to everyone you need to within your organisation. Don’t waste your energy reaching out to video production companies if you haven’t got the go-ahead internally. Your time is valuable, have those conversations first, before reaching out. Every organisation has it’s own structures and processes but the people who you might need to liaise with include; the communications and marketing team, your manager and members of senior management.

4. Check your facts and figures
Get these wrong at your peril! Mistakes can discredit the final video and very possibly render it useless. Check your facts and figures with the right people within your organisation then double check them.

5. Consider where your video will play

A video can be played in many different ways; on social media channels, at the cinema, on a conference room projection screen and on websites. Don’t underestimate how much this aspect shapes the video production process. A social media clip, for example, should last no more than 30 seconds but the same isn’t true of a training video. On Facebook, as much as 85 per cent of video views happen with the sound off ( so your video will likely require captioning. In contrast, on a training course-the trainees will be listening attentively so no need for copy.

Your video production brief should incorporate all of these but try not to omit any. Have a handle on exactly where your idea will play from the outset to avoid wasted time and disappointment. Be aware that different video formats could incur extra costs so it is in your interest to know what you want.

Get it right from the start and your experience of video production will be a great one.
Wishing you every success with your video project.”

Thank you Charlotte for your invaluable insight! And now, is everybody ready to start their next video production?!

Charlotte O’Farrell has worked as a corporate fundraiser at some incredible charities including Breast Cancer Haven, ChildLine and Freedom from Torture, liaising with household names such as John Lewis, Arsenal and Disney. At Clean Cut Media she works closely with clients to develop and support their vision, helping to ensure that our work captures the essence of their business.

A note from KnowThyBrand: video marketing is an essential component of any inbound marketing strategy.  Talk to us if your company needs help in defining and developing effective marketing strategies.


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  1. NICK Ovenden

    A very good article – I particularly like point 2. Don’t keep your budget a secret. This is so relevant for purchasers of any creative and marketing service and I wish the advice could be widely heeded.

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