Strategic branding

At KnowThyBrand we help our clients position their brand as the cornerstone of their company because we believe that a company’s brand is that unique driving force that has the power to propel the growth of their business.

When we talk about strategic branding the first thing to do is to identify what branding actually means. Branding is not just about logo, design, or colours. It’s not just tone of voice, messaging, and look & feel. It’s not even just about values, brand promise, mission and vision. Branding is about your whole business. What the core of your business is, what your goals are, how you achieve them, how your people support your vision, how they fit in to it, who your customers are, how you reach out to them, and how you deliver what they are looking for. Ultimately, branding is that piece of your business strategy that properly managed can drive the success of your company, but that underestimated or mismanaged can have serious consequences to your bottom line.

“People don’t buy products, they buy brands” Sandra Sellani

Still not convinced? Think about famous brands. What do they have in common?

  • Consistent, iconic logo. Ever tried a logo swap?
  • Clear vision, that anyone inside and outside knows and can articulate, like Virgin.
  • They invest in their brand. Just think of the recent dramatic changes that Google made with its new brand ‘Alphabet’,  and Coca-Cola made with its brand architecture.


This is what KnowThyBrand can do for your business:
Brand strategic identityVisual BrandingRe-brandingBrand assessment
Positioning, vision, mission, brand personas, brand architecture, brand mood boardLogo, look-and-feel, tone of voice.
Includes corporate templates,
brand management, brand guidelines
Need, scope, delivery, communication360 degree: Internal, customers, suppliers, visual
Leadership trainingBrand architectureBrand-business alignmentEmployer Branding
How to maximise branding to drive revenuesMore than one brand within one company? Defining the structure that best works for your businessHow to ensure that business decisions and branding work hand-in-hand to make your company successfulBrand inside-out, making your employees your brand ambassadors. Includes: Internal audit, Employee Value Proposition, roll-out and communication

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