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We work with larger firms to support their Diversity and Inclusion efforts in order to create a real impact. 

We do this by guiding businesses in assessing the state of gender equality within their organisations; organising workshops to support inclusive leadership and design a strategic roadmap to develop and follow up inclusion measures as well as employer branding.

Interested to understand more what this means from company perspective? Check out our free Gender Inclusion self-assessment tool here or get in touch.

In addition, we provide tools and guidance for effective branding to empower women to start their business, get back into business with a clear vision and direction, or break through the corporate glass ceiling.


Business brand

Brand strategic identity – Visual branding – Rebranding – Brand architecture – Digital Marketing – Website – Social media – Inbound marketing

Personal brand

Personal Brand strategy, Career growth, Career transformation, Leadership

Gender Inclusion

Diagnostic – Gender inclusion and employer branding –
S+HE inclusion programmes – Personal brand programmes for women in career

KnowThyBrand is about Building each other up. 

Would you like to discuss something else? KnowThyBrand is a specialist in various areas, including

  • Employer branding & integrating Diversity and Inclusion efforts in a long-term strategy and KPI’s
  • Personal branding for women on all stages of their career; from the start to top-management
  • The “S” of ESG – social aspects as part of the future workplace