Our Services 

Walking side-by-side with you every step of the way to set your brand for success.

We aim to provide effective branding to empower women to start their business, get back into business with a clear vision and direction, or break through the corporate glass ceiling.

We work in partnership with larger firms to support their Diversity and Inclusion efforts in order to create a real impact.


Business brand

Brand strategic identity – Visual branding – Internal & external brand alignment – Re-branding – Brand architecture – Employer Branding

Personal brand

Personal Brand strategy, Career growth, Career transformation, Leadership

Marketing & Comms

Strategy & Design, Website, Digital Advertising, Social Media marketing, Inbound marketing, Outbound marketing

KnowThyBrand is about Building each other up. 

For this reason we offer a membership that includes

  • 45 minutes one-to-one per month to get advice on any branding or marketing related issue.
  • Free access to members-only resources.
  • Access to members-only group on LinkedIn.

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