How to cut through the noise without breaking the bank

Entertain and engage your audience to get your message across

In these strange times, when we are all connected remotely through our devices, how can brands cut through the noise and reach out to their audience in an engaging and meaningful way?

Over the past few months we have been exploring different tools that can help you just doing that.

The best part? They are all free or freemium based.

1. If a picture is worth one thousand words… lets you create bespoke puzzles that you can share with your audience.

Select an image that clearly conveys your message and let the fun begin.

The added bonus is that in these complicated times, you will stand out from the competition by offering a distraction to your audience instead of a heavy piece of work for them to do.

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2. A bit of healthy competition

With Mentimeter you can create quiz and competitions to challenge your audience in a fun and light way.

In order to make things spicier, you can also track responses and crown a winner!

Not only this trick will help you make your presentation lighter, but it will also help your audience retain the key concepts of your message.

3. Light, Camera, Action!

You might already know Canva, but do you know that this great platform is not just for static design?

Not only Canva allows you to create beautiful images, but you can also create interactive presentations and play them as videos.

This is an excellent way for your audience to get an immersive experience into your brand.

4. Keep it sharp and short

As mentioned above, videos are a great way to engage your audience but sometimes your audience is not willing to listen to a long video, what can you do then to attract their attention?

Giphy allows you to create Gifs buy putting together images, and you can do it directly from your phone!

5. Keep it personal

Yes, this is about videos again, but not just any video.

Create a video that genuinely connects with your audience, talk with them as if they were in the room and address their concerns.

In these tough times, genuine connections are much more powerful than any expensive commercial.

For the video above we simply used Zoom to record the interview and made small edits with Openshot video editor.

Do you use any other free platform? Share with us your favorite tools to reach out and engage your audience