Gender Inclusion Tool

Is your company truly gender inclusive?

Too often companies think that having an equal split of women and men employees means that they are being inclusive. Unfortunately, that is not enough.

Put simply, having 50% of female talent doesn’t mean that the women in your organisation have the same opportunities for career advancement as their male counterparts, and that for instance, managerial positions are equally split.

On top of career progression, other factors to consider include, but are not limited to:

  • Recruitment and hiring process
  • Flexible work and care support
  • Harassment and micro aggressions policies

To help companies to better understand how effective they are in supporting equal opportunities for their female talent KnowThyBrand Women has created an easy, fast and free Gender Inclusion self assessment tool. In only a few minutes anybody from the company will be able to get a better understanding of how gender inclusive the business is and which areas require focus, if any.

The best part? This tool is packed with information and practical tips that can help make your business inclusive, for real.

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