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The very first step in Digital Marketing is getting the basics right. Once these are in place companies can build on their strategy and develop it further. At KnowThyBrand we believe that the following 4 are the key elements of any successful Digital Marketing Strategy:

1. Content Marketing
This is the newest, most effective still less expensive form of marketing. It works by creating and sharing high quality, valuable content through different channels to provide value to customers while generating business opportunities for the company.

Why it’s important
– Content establishes authority and thought leadership. Audience will come to trust you and prefer your business over your competitors because you proved that you are an expert in your field.
– It helps drive traffic to your website. Every time you publish a new piece Google and other search engines take notice, boosting your ranking.
– It increases conversion with lead-generating CTAs that direct to landing pages with relevant content and offers.

Some example of type of content includes:
– Articles
– Infographics
– Videos
– Podcast
– Webinars
– E-book / white paper

How to create thought leadership
Be authentic: be honest, frank and plain-spoken
Be original. Create original content. Share your unique expertise.
– Create great content, be a problem-solver. Give your audience tips and advice (free of charge) to solve their most pressing problems. They’ll follow you and eventually do business with you.

But remember just because you’ve made something great doesn’t mean people will find out about it on their own. Developing a plan to promote your content is necessary.

2. Email Marketing
Some people think that email marketing is something of the past. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.
Recent researches prove that email marketing has a 4,300% ROI; for every dollar spent on email marketing, there is a return of $44.

But it’s important to remember what to send:
– 80/20 rule: email marketing is not about salesy emails. It’s about providing value to your audience with great content. Then you can have a 20% of CTAs to attract and convert leads.
– Segmentation: with the technology now available it’s important to send the right message to the right target audience.
– Content: what and who. Take time to decide what content to send and to whom. Create a calendar (and stick to it!) to ensure that you send the right content at the right time.
People do choose the book by the cover, meaning that your emails need to look professional and need to be easy to scan.

At KnowThyBrand, we have a long experience in e-mail marketing and how to maximize its effectiveness, take a look at our portfolio for more details.

3. Social Media Marketing

In recent years, social media has become a must-have in all marketing campaigns. You can’t avoid having an online presence, and maximizing it is definitely a priority.
However, not every business is successful at it. Some businesses have a presence just because “everybody else is there”, while others avoid social media altogether for fear of backlashes from the online community (“what if a customer is unhappy with my product/service and writes it on my wall?!”).

When approaching social media marketing, the most important part is having a strategy. Decide what you want out of social media, how you intend to manage it, how you can track its effectiveness. Choose your platforms and how to maximize the effectiveness of your presence there.

Find more tips in our article Stop the social media frenzy (and start paying)

4. SEO Strategy

SEO is one the oldest buzzwords in digital marketing, and yet it’s still standing today. You might know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) makes your website stand-out in unpaid online research. In the past years, things have changed, we passed from simply tagging website pages, to the links strategy, and now the whole website content needs to be optimized; and that still is not enough. The algorithms used by search engines are constantly updated because Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and the others want to ensure that they provide the best possible answer to their users’ queries. So how can you be on top of the SEO game?

At KnowThyBrand we use a 4 steps approach:
– Website optimization
– Content marketing
– Social media
– SEO monthly strategy

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