Develop your brand – step 5: leverage your brand

After you have invested in developing a strong brand, it’s time to leverage this brand:

– A strong brand creates focus. It’s like a North Star that helps leaders cajole their teams towards a common and shared goal.

– A strong brand creates recognition and trust. Deliver your brand promise and your target audience will trust your brand, will choose it and spontaneously recommend it, creating genuine brand advocacy.

– A strong brand sets you apart from the competition: Your brand is your differentiator. Customers know what you stand for, they know what to expect at every touchpoint, and it will make for an easy purchasing decision

– A strong brand creates value. Consumers are willing to pay more because a trusted brand has a perceived value that exceeds the physical value.

– A strong brand is a key to business survival. It’s been proven that during tough times companies that continued to invest in their brand are those that came out stronger.