Content Marketing in the age of Mass Media and how you can work with a smaller budget

lego and the power of content marketing

Cue the lights, let the drama play out, start the action! This issue is brought to you in honour of the 91st Oscars and, spoiler alert, there are some references to the film industry.

Hollywood’s annual awards are an opportunity to showcase all the glitz and glamour of the Silver Screen, but they’re also a Marketers dream. Whether you’re a film producer, actor, director, special effects artist or otherwise involved and hoping for the golden ticket of an award; a clothes / jewellery designer hoping to showcase your craft on the perfect pair of shoulders; or whether you’re a company that is hoping to grab the public’s attention during the ad breaks there’s a veritable smorgasbord of opportunity.

This year, ABC (the TV network that broadcasts the Oscars) made up to $2.6 million in advertising per 30 second spot despite the fact that ratings are down. The reason that firms are so willing to pay top dollar for these placement opportunities, according to data from TV measurement and analytics firm EDO, is that consumers who viewed ads during previous Academy Awards are 77% more likely to engage with those brands online.

The Oscars effectively act as a catalyst and help drive consumers towards those brands’ content. Large brands such as McDonald’s and Marriott snapped up the spots faster than hot cakes, and Google included their very own take on how they could have helped save the heroes and heroines of popular movie franchises

“But how is this going to help me? I haven’t got close to that kind of marketing budget!” I hear you ask. My answer is to remind you of content marketing. If your next question is to understand what that means, it’s the concept of being client focused and in helping your customer solve their problems by listening to them and in generating content that will help them run their business more effectively, while showcasing your own business as expert in your field, thereby converting new leads and keeping existing customers loyal. In keeping with the movie theme, the Content Marketing Institute have produced a short film on the importance of content marketing that you might find useful.

The key thing to remember about content marketing is that you do not need to have a huge budget to be able to increase your brand’s exposure. You need to be relevant, solve issues, be consistent, listen to your customers and put yourselves in their shoes.

It can also help to leverage your personal brand. In your community, if you’re viewed as being an expert on something or are extremely popular you can use your “fame” to promote your product / service. Ryan Reynolds, for example, is being held up as a shining light in regards to content marketing whether it’s the way that he has promoted his films or just the way that he uses his humorous out of office emails as a marketing opportunity for his gin label.

What other examples are there of content marketing? The Lego Movie is held up as being one of the finest as it was not simply a product placement exercise but got into the head of consumers to reflect how buyers might interact (aka play) with the product. They also made it relevant to both children and adults, thereby allowing those with the current purse strings to create a love of Lego with future income-earners, who might then perpetuate their love of Lego with their own family.

On a smaller scale, there are many companies that have succeeded in making a name for themselves and building solid business funnels using content marketing.

The key points to remember with content marketing is that it can be extremely budget friendly, have a long-term impact, create highly loyal clients and is an incredibly efficient way of promoting your brand.

If you would like some help in understanding how content marketing could be used to help your business, please contact KnowThyBrand for an initial discussion. We have been passionate about this medium for many years and are coming up to our 5 years anniversary having worked across two continents, and can help you with your local and / or international client base.

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