Are you GDPR ready? A selection of step by step, clear guides

Are you GDPR readyAt KnowThyBrand we advocate practices of ‘permission based’ marketing, instead of aggressive ‘cold calling’ and ‘invasive’ marketing. Why spam a list of generic contacts, who never asked to be contacted by you, who never provided permission, and who most likely are not even interested in your offer? Are you really sure that this will bring hot leads to your business?? The reality is that cold calling is not a truly effective marketing option and that invasive marketing is, amongst other things, what GDPR wants to avoid.

And yet, even KnowThyBrand had to do some work to ensure that we were GDPR ready. As many clients and friends have been asking for some guidance, here is, without any pretence of being legal experts, a collection of very good guides and documents that I have been using for KnowThyBrand, and that I hope will make your life easier in ensuring that your company is compliant.

A massive thank you to the Business Clan for providing such a clear and complete guide!

Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – 12 steps to take now

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