Are people engaging with your content marketing?


Why does nobody call me?! A very innocent yet surprising question from my 3 year old who, once he got hold of my iPhone, was expecting that somehow magically someone would call him. After all, isn’t that what happens to Mummy when she handles the phone?

His surprise in realising that simply holding the device doesn’t mean that the device actually works for you or that, better still, people use it to interact with you suddenly reminded me of conversations I have been having with clients.

I am a strong advocate of content marketing. Although I started my career in the traditional communication/marketing field, I soon moved towards social communication and branding because the whole idea of ‘pushing’ the audience towards a purchase didn’t resonate with me. This doesn’t mean that traditional marketing doesn’t work or that it’s not worth doing! It simply means that providing value to your audience, having two-way conversations as opposed to a one-way communication, engaging rather than directing are tactics that I always found more appealing than the traditional method of ‘pushing’. Nowadays, data backs my view on this: content marketing, aka pulling your audience towards your brand rather than pushing them towards your product, is proved to be a very effective marketing strategy.

Content Marketing means creating valuable material (articles, Ebooks, infographics…)  that tackle your audience’s pain points. A very efficient content marketing strategy delivers different types of content at different stages in the sales funnel helping to move prospects from the awareness phase, through the consideration phase, all the way along to the purchase phase and then the retention phase.

However, having a great piece of content is not enough by itself.

Like my son soon found out, the tool simply doesn’t work for you if you don’t know how to use it. You need to understand who you want to talk to, you need to give them your number, and especially, you need to give them a reason to call you.

So, if you have a great plan for the type of content that you want to produce, you need to make sure that that plan also includes how to share it. You need to understand what venues your audience is using, where you can find your prospects and how you can use your content to engage them, nurture them and finally convert them into clients.

Sharing your content through ‘owned media’ (social media profiles, website, blog, email marketing, etc…), ‘paid media’ (sponsored updates, digital advertising), or even ‘third party media’ (guest blogging, StumbleUpon, Quora, etc..) is critical to the success of your content marketing strategy because even if you produce the most powerful piece of content, nobody gets to see it if you don’t make sure that they can actually get access to it.

And nobody is going to call you if you don’t give them a reason to trust your brand, to believe in your abilities, and to choose you over your competitors.

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