KnowThyBrand is a branding and digital marketing social enterprise. We provide effective tools to empower women to start their business, get back into business with a clear vision and direction, or break through the corporate glass ceiling through tailored personal branding strategies

KnowThyBrand was first established in 2014 as a traditional branding and digital marketing consultancy and has grown into a well-established and successful business.

Our clients span from mum-ran startups to Fortune 500 businesses and you can read their stories here.


During these past 7 years, the founder, Giulia Iannucci’s contributions to women led business and other pro-bono projects triggered the realization that KnowThyBrand had a concrete opportunity to become a women-focused catalyst for positive change by: Leveraging strategic branding + Winning communication strategies. Both will formalise how to build sustainable business and career paths.

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