KnowThyBrand is a branding and digital marketing consultancy. We help our clients position their brand as the cornerstone of their business, and guide them in creating professional and compelling digital marketing campaigns.

KnowThyBrand is passionate about exceeding your expectations. Since our launch in 2014, we work with experienced teams from across the world to ensure that we can deliver the most efficient and effective solutions for our clients. But don’t take only our words for it: see what our clients say about us.

Whether you are a start-up looking for a partner that can get you to where you want your business to be, or an established brand that needs help in taking your company to the next level, Contact Us and we will develop the right solution for you.

Giulia Iannucci

Founder of KnowThyBrand

giulia iannucci• Over 15 years of experience in Branding, Marketing and Communication, gained across Europe, Australia, Singapore and the UK.

• Brand Strategist with a distinctive expertise in internal and external brand alignment.

• Consultant since 2014, with clients in Fashion, Finance, IT, Professional Training, B2B, Logistics, Business and Life Coaching, and Cultural Training.

• Previous experience in the corporate world including Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) and MDA National Insurance.

Our story

KnowThyBrand was created to bring strategic branding to businesses. Too often, companies tend to look at branding as an element of marketing only, however Giulia’s experience of working with executives and modern theory conclude that branding should sit at the C-level, and influence the business’ strategic decisions rather than be driven by them.

Furthermore, in the age of digital, it is critical that branding and digital marketing are aligned for businesses to be able to interact with their audiences.

With this in mind, Giulia launched KnowThyBrand to bring her experience and dedication to companies looking to create or develop their brand and digital strategy. To ensure an end-to-end Client Experience, KnowThyBrand partners with experienced professionals from across the world, from graphic designers to website developers.

Branding is a critical part of every business, KnowThyBrand aims to influence the way businesses approach it, helping them to position their brand as the cornerstone, and guiding them in the discovery of how strategic branding can deliver success to the bottom line.

In parallel, we promote the effective use of digital media as a catalyst to help brands communicate with their customers.

We look forward to working with you!