5 ways to build a successful brand

How to create a successful brandIn this day and age of social media and technological revolution, where consumers have access to many different products and services, anyone starting a new business or entrepreneurship must be able to distingue their brand from all the other ones out there. This is something that must be considered imperative, simply think it this way: if you were to look for music with high pop tones and an uplifting sound with a very “bubble-gum” reminiscence, your first choice would be for artists such as Katy Perry, over other different artists such as Beyonce, who do produce music very good music, simply in a different style. Perry and Beyonce have very strong brands, with a very different value proposition. Strategy branding plays a key role in the success of any brand and as such, it should be looked at closely. The following tips will help you achieve just that.

Know your target audience.
One of the most important parts of starting a business is identifying your target audience, these are the people who are most likely to want your product or service. Figuring out who does the buying decisions is a great way on starting to get a handle on identifying your target audience; once you have your target audience clearly define aim for your brand and slogan to be relatable to your target audience. An example of this can be the brand Monster, which implies that their energy drinks can give you so much energy, it turns you into a monster.
Think worldwide.
Limiting your brand to just one region is a way to limit your success, when creating a brand or slogan think about what it could mean in a different language or how it can translate. When the car brand Nova decided to enter the Spanish market they suffered at the beginning because their brand name Nova translates into the Spanish phrase “No va” which means “it doesn’t go”; now you can see why Spanish speaking people would be apprehensive to buying a car with such name. Setting your brand as international from the start could prove to help you grow, especially now that people can access information on-line from different places and you can buy from different business in different parts of the world via their website. This can also be useful for small local businesses such as a local café, because one must remember that we live in a globalized world, you could have visitors from different parts of the world, plus isn’t the aim of your small business to grow?

Don’t fear the competition.
When talking with start-ups, people may have a great fear of the competition, this shouldn’t be the case because by tackling the competition straight on, you are ensuring you are doing what you can to help your brand grow. Look at it this way: if there are two food trucks in one street and one of them decides to run a promotion on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the other food truck should run a similar offer in order to keep up, failure to do so could lead in consumers going to the other food truck on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which could help them decide that they enjoy that trucks food better and go there the rest of the days of the week. Though in a smaller scale such as the food truck scenario it may be easier to keep up with the competition rather than keeping up with the market leader, in which case, you should explore other options, being creative is the best way to keep up with the competition and helping your brand stand out.

Define your Unique Selling Point.
In order to help make your brand stand out from the rest, you should from an early stage identify your Unique Selling Point (or Value Proposition), which is the thing you have which others don’t or the thing you do best. It may be giving out the best costumer service or having an innovative product. Once you have identified your Unique Selling Point focus on communicating it to your target audience, this will help consumers identify your brand with your unique selling point, which in turn can help the growth of your brand. Identifying or creating a Unique Selling Point may prove somewhat challenging in some cases but it will greatly help your brand stand out from the rest.

Making friends with other brands around the area on in similar fields can help you greatly as both companies can benefit from the friendship. An example of this can be the brands Cineworld and Frankie n Benny’s, they ran a promotion in which Cineworld members would get a discount on their food bill and Frankie n Benny’s consumers would get a discount on their Cinema tickets, a strategy that made more appealing for consumers to chose those brands due to the perceived benefits. Running promotions with other brands is a good way for consumers to keep you in mind over the competition, remember that no man is an island.

There are various ways of helping your brand go and taking the right steps will help you create a lasting successful brand, it is important to identify which steps are right ones for your company as some may be more suitable for start ups or other more suitable for stablished business.

Written by Ernesto A. Burga








Guest blogger ErnestoErnesto Burga is a second year Marketing and Advertising student, having won two awards by Kingston University as an over-all top of his class. Ernie creates content pieces concerning Strategic Branding and Digital Marketing for KnowThyBrand




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