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Our Commitment

Enabling women to build sustainable businesses and career paths through strategic branding and effective communication solutions.

To find out more, listen to KnowThyBrand’s founder Giulia talking about “When Branding meets Gender Equality.”

Gender equality in business

Women professionals have long faced unequal challenges compared to their male counterparts, from limited access to investment funding to balancing out-of-work responsibilities, from gender bias to lack of role models, the list of unique challenges is a long one.

KnowThyBrand is dedicated to empowering women in order to boost their opportunity to succeed as female entrepreneurs and women at work. 

We work with WOMEN and MEN because inclusion is only real when we are all working towards it.


A social enterprise for women by women

We chose to become a social enterprise and to be a part of the collective solution. We are committed to reinvest at least 50% of our profits back into the business, to support women who need help.


Thank you for all the support this year. It is having a HUGE impact on our school.

Head teacher – Strategic brand project, pro bono

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