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The future is built on equality.

Our Commitment

Promoting gender equality in business.

We help companies to attract, retain and champion their female talent.

We help women to find their inner superpower and to communicate it in a way that creates new opportunities.

Our secret sauce? Branding, from personal branding to employer branding, we leverage over 20 years of experience in branding, strategy and market research to provide services that promote a more inclusive world.

To find out more, listen to KnowThyBrand Women’s founder Giulia talking about “When Branding meets Gender Equality.”

Gender equality in business

The 3 pillars of KnowThyBrand Women:

CHANGE, helping businesses to identify potential barriers to inclusivity in their workplace and to put in place programmes and solutions that foster a culture of inclusivity across all levels of the organisation and support their female talent. 

Discover today how Gender Inclusive your company is with our free GI self-assessment tool.

EDUCATION, and building awareness of the importance of gender equality. We do this by providing keynote speeches, participating in and organising events, through our podcast and articles; check out our resources. We believe in the importance of sharing knowledge about the challenges that women still face today and what we can all do to take these barriers down. 

EMPOWERMENT, as part of our social impact, we want to help women to find their inner superpower, develop a strong personal brand and create new opportunities of success, whatever success means to them.


A social enterprise 

We chose to become a social enterprise and to be a part of the collective solution. We are committed to reinvest at least 50% of our profits back into the business, to support women who need help.
Read more about our impact here.

Thank you for all the support this year. It is having a HUGE impact on our school.

Head teacher – Strategic brand project, pro bono

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